The Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault convened The Minnesota Summit, with major sponsorship from the Minnesota Department of Health. The Departments of Corrections, Education, Human Services, and Public Safety provided additional sponsorship, along with the Mayo Clinic’s Child and Family Advocacy Program, Comcast, Qwest, the Bush Foundation, and the Otto Bremer Foundation.


How to Use This Report

This electronic report contains text summaries, audio recordings, and videos from MNCASA’s Minnesota Summit to Prevent Sexual Violence held in St. Paul, December 3-4, 2009. This report is designed not only to bring you an experience of The Minnesota Summit, but also to provide ideas and resources for leading prevention initiatives in your spheres of influence (see Resources and Tools).

Select the segment you’d like to view by clicking on the title boxes above. Following each summary of a Summit presentation, you’ll find a link to the audio or video recording of that presentation via PreventConnect. Audio recordings are all full-text. All other videos can be accessed directly by pressing the play arrow on the screen.

Audio and video segments from the Minnesota Summit were recorded and produced by PreventConnect, a national project of the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Our thanks to David Lee, PreventConnect Manager and CALCASA Director of Prevention Services, for his vital presence at The Minnesota Summit and for permission to use these recordings.

Audio, video and text of the performances and speakers are used by permission. All rights to original poems and songs belong to the performers and cannot be used without explicit permission.

The Minnesota Summit to Prevent Sexual Violence E-Report is published by the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault, designed and written by Patricia Weaver Francisco, with technical production and design by Megan McKinnon. Photographs by Julie Patrick and Johanna Woodside. Audio and video recordings with thanks to David S. Lee, Twin Cities Public Television, Larry LaVercombe, Larry Cohen, and the office of Senator Al Franken.

This E-Report is an evolving document. We encourage you to check back for updates on outcomes, actions, and resources.


February 14, 2010 at 2:49 pm

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