Call to Action

Closing Words from the Commissioners

Commissioner Michael Campion, Department of Public Safety, and Commissioner Joan Fabian, Department of Corrections spoke of their commitment to prevention actions.

Listen to complete remarks by the Commissioners (20 min)


View the letter from Commissioner Cal Ludeman, Department of Human Services.


Senator Katie Sieben – Co-convener of Legislative Caucus to Stop Sexual Violence

When Bob Tracy came and asked me if I would be one of the co-chairs of the Sexual Violence Prevention Caucus, I told him my initial instinct was “no.” The reason was that I don’t like hearing about this; it’s easier to think it doesn’t happen.  It took some time to think about it ….


Listen to Listen to complete remarks by Senator Katie Sieben (20 min)


Franni Franken Urges Collaborative Efforts to Prevent Sexual Violence

We need to send a message that sexual assault is not tolerated in our society.  In order to achieve this, we have to commit to becoming local champions and to action on prevention. We can’t end it through the current model that too often focuses on responsive tactics.  That is not a criticism. Every one in this room knows the history and the difficulty in getting where we are today. But we also know we have to shift the model to include prevention efforts.

You do not need to be in the field of sexual violence in order to make a difference… We can all take steps toward ending sexual violence through eliminating gender hierarchy and strengthening social norms that encourage mutual respect….

Let’s continue to be the collaborative example that we have already set to end sexual violence, not only in our communities but also in our nation and around the world. Al and I are firmly committed to that concept. We are actively working to bring about legislation for that, and we’re actively seeking your input in how we can further bring that about.

Listen to compete remarks by Franni Franken (20 min)


What’s Next?

Donna Dunn, Executive Director of MNCASA, outlined next steps (see Outcomes section of the E-Report) and previewed her personal “favorite quote list” from the Minnesota Summit.

  • Franni Franken – We have to shift this model.
  • Jeanne Martin – Don’t worry about provoking what you want.
  • Mary Ackerman – If you breathe, you’re on the team.


Mary Ellison, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Public Safety, thanked participants for being part of the solution by participating in The Minnesota Summit and committing to future actions.

I don’t want to be here five years from now and have this same conversation we’ve had for many, many years.  I have to say when I came in today and saw the images, it was very hard and draining. But I don’t want to end on that note. I feel that maybe we’ve reached the tipping point when can make a shift in the paradigm and make a difference in preventing sexual violence.

  • I am committed to working to further the discussion with the unusual suspects. How can we work together to create change?
  • I am committed to following through on an individual commitment. I’m going to talk with my grandchildren.

I want to thank you for being here today and for all the work you are doing. We’re going to keep working until this problem is solved.


Action Commitments

Participants were asked to commit to prevention actions following The Summit.

  • Submit one action for prevention that you as an individual will take as a result of The Minnesota Summit.
  • Submit one action that you will bring back to your organization for discussion as an organizational practice.


  • What additional resources do you need to become a Champion for Prevention?


Closing Performance – youthrive: LIVE! Tish Jones and Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria

These spokenword artists attended The Minnesota Summit and absorbed the day with an eye toward writing and performing final poems to translate the impact of The Minnesota Summit into art.

Closing poem by  Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria.

Closing spoken word by Tish Jones.


Environmental Entryway Transformed

As participants left The Minnesota Summit, they passed through the Environmental Entryway, now transformed to reflect positive images of men, women, and children.




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