Rock Wall

Below are selections from comments left by participants throughout the day on the open site called “The Rock Wall.”

  • Last lecture compelling…in integrative leadership we think about how society wants to come up with a “technical” solution to an adaptive problem; this is an adaptive challenge — we need that kind of solution.
  • Really like Eric Janus challenging popular beliefs with hard data to change our paradigm on where we need to use our money.
  • Happy that there were many groups willing to step and host/co-host/be involved!
  • Hopeful–the shift to community responsibility, to see folks that I would not ordinarily see involved.
  • Sexual violence affects ALL ages, yet we have focused primarily on youth. What can we do to prevent violence against those of us who are over 50?
  • Hard for some of us to text quickly!  Yikes!
  • Email reminders to keep the attention on prevention. Ideas sent once a week, like Monday Morning Mediator.
  • Free resources for better collaborative leadership are available online from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Turning Point program at Also resources for social marketing, performance management, and public health.




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